Deployment in Industrial compounds

The goal

The participants train in scenarios of different kind of sizes and complexity in a industrial environment.

Trainingpossibilities are almost unlimited, from leakage of fluids to leakage of pressurized gasses. The training rigs enable connection to complex processes and production procedures to create a context rich learning environment. Also other emergency services can be integrated.

Duration: 8 Hours practical training
Group size: 9 – 12 Persons
Where: Training Base Weeze GmbH & Co. KG. • Flughafenring 16 • Weeze

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Participation requirements

Medical certificate of Physical and Mental fittness and Certification which states that the participant is certified to work with BA.

Course Content

  • ABC-deployment (theory and practical training)
  • Hazardous Materials (recognition and measuring)
  • Pumping and sealing
  • Containment of gasfires
  • Working under CSA
  • Emergency decontamination
  • Emergency rescue
  • Casualty recue from convined spaces
  • u.v.m.