Possibilities of Heat reading Cameras for Fire fighters

Training Goals

This High-Tech equipment called Heatreading camera can be of great assistance in a firefighting situation and can contribute to a safe(r) deployment.

When thinking of firefighting, nowadays a heatreading camera is a valuble tool. It brings more information and safety to situations in burning buildings and smoke filled spaces.
It helps with orientation and finding casualties. But also in deployments besides firefighting it can be of great use. For instance finding sources of heat development in electrical installations, machines and silos. Or at gasreleases under high pressure or fluid leakages from all kinds of vessels. Cittical doors and entrypoints, flash-over dangers, fill level in pressurized barrels etcetera.

The training shows not only a large variety of usage, but also the limitations regarding the usage by fire brigades.

At the trainingcentre there are different types and kinds of heat reading cameras from different manufacturers availlable. None the less is it highly recommendet to use own equipment during training. To get aquainted with the tool and have as much experience as possible to built up sensible use and trust in this tool.

Duration: 8 Hours Practical training
Group Size: 9 – 12 Persons
Where: Training Base Weeze GmbH & Co. KG. • Flughafenring 16 • Weeze

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Participation requirements

Medical certificate of Physical and Mental fittness and Certification which states that the participant is certified to work with BA.

Course Content

  • Technique and function of heatreading cameras
  • deploymenttechniques
  • possibilities
  • restraints
  • deployment
  • errors, failures and misinterpretations
  • riskanalysis and estimates
  • Telemetry