Flash-Over Training

Training Goals

Traininggoal is that participants learn about the risks in firefighting in general and about flash-over in particular. Also the signals (temperature, smoke, flames and so on) and measurements and actions that can be taken to avoid critical situations or create a safe/safer environment will be addressed.

The participants will experience live the development of a fire and the different phases a fire will go through. Also the signs and signals that could be / are to be seen will be shown.
Furthermore, the participant will learn what kind of techniques and tactics can be taken to prevent hazardous situations while fighting a fire. In which participants will learn that there are no standard solutions, because there are no standard risks an d developments. So participants will be traint to act accordingly to a variety of challenges to which they will be exposed to an in doing so create a safe(r) environment. Also they will be shown (in a relatively safe situation) what kind of effect wrong decisions or acts will have on how a fire behaves and develops.

Duration: 4 Hours Practical Training
Group Size: 9 – 12 Persons
Where: Training Base Weeze GmbH & Co. KG. • Flughafenring 16 • Weeze

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Participation requirements

Medical certificate of Physical and Mental fittness and Certification which states that the participant is certified to work with BA.

Course Content

  • Kinds of Flash-Over
  • Extinguishtechniques
  • Extinquishtactics
  • Hoses and nozzles
  • Physiscal und psychological restraints and effects due to smoke, fire and heat, working with BA
  • Ignitions and fires
  • Emergency procedures
  • Risks