Basic Firefighter education course

Training Goals

Theoretical and practical basic education course to become certified to work with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Breathing Apparatus (BA).

This 20 education course takes hours and meets the requirements to work with PPE and BA..

Intended Partcipants

Firefighters and Industrial First Responders (or likewise)

Duration: 20 Hours / 3 Days Practical training
Group Size: 9 – 12 Persons
Where: Training Base Weeze GmbH & Co. KG. • Flughafenring 16 • Weeze

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Participation requirements

Medical certificate of Physical and Mental fittness and Certification which states that the participant is certified to work with BA.

Course content

  • Technique of the breathing apparatus (BA)
  • Breathingsystem of humans
  • Hazardous / harmfull gasses and Oxygen
  • Preparation and usage of PPE, BA and filtersystems
  • Preparation and function of tubes and regulators (presurized air)
  • Preparation and function of Chemical resistant and gastight protection suits
  • How to work with PPE / BA
  • Basic maintanance and testing BA
  • After Action Review and evaluating accidents while working with BA
  • Practical training scenarios with PPE and BA
  • Practical training scenarios in working with filter systems