of the Training Base

These Scenarios

can be realistically traint at our center:

  • Tactical deployment
    – Traffic (Aircraft, railroad and streets)
    – Buildings (Privat, Industrial)
  • Actions on means of transportation
  • Evictions
    – Buildings, Streets, Urban areas
  • Deployment and movement in Urban Surroundings
  • Threats
    – terrorism
    – environmental
    – Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear
  • Disaster areas
  • Evacuation
  • Hostage situations (lone/multiple)
  • Search and rescue training for K-9
  • Open Water diver
  • Deployment possibilities for troops, mounted police, Armoured vehicles and watercanons

Education and Training

for Police en Law Enforcement

  • Course Responding to Gasoline bombs situations
    Training how to respond to situations whre gasoline-like bombs are thrown as occur in riots and demonstration-situations.

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  • Course Tactics Vehicle intervention
    Vehicles in motion, overtaking,crashes and arrests.

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  • Course Aircraft
    Deployment and tactics regarding hostage situations with a civil aircraft in parking position outdoor or in a hangar.

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As a salvage salvation (“special rescue from ups and downs (SRHT)”, depending on the use also called deep rescue) one calls the prospecting, the rescue or emergency medical care and the evacuation of people from emergency situations at heights or depths. The methods are closely related to the rescue service and medical rescue service.

Your Contact

Rob Groener
Rob GroenerSales Law enforcement and defence
Ihr Ansprechpartner für die Themen:
• Abseilen von hohen Gebäuden
• Berittene Polizei
• Molotov / Feuergewöhnung
• Einsatz von Hunderschaften

Telefon: +31 624 647381

PhilosophyPractical and realistic education for effective, efficient and above all safe use!

The world is developing at a rapid pace every year. Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, global crises and multicultural societies have an impact on our daily lives. This change will also change the risks and demands on the forces deployed by police and non-police security. For emergency helpers the challenge is to permanently adapt their knowledge, to actively practice and to train. We are committed to helping all emergency and rescue organizations meet this challenge.

We help helpers

We provide our customers with several years of experience and training experience with the Weeze Training Base team. Certified trainers, all of whom were active personnel from active fire service, were prepared for your task and qualified as a trainer. We do not have any universal solutions because there are no standard problems in the application. However, we show ways of analyzing how problems can be analyzed and managed according to their own requirements and current situation.

In a step-by-step approach, we develop tailor-made training courses for you to pick up the participants where they are. The training principle applies from easy to severe, taking into account the psychological fundamentals of human learning.

Training and further education may – no, should be fun, because positive experiences are much more anchored in our memory than failure. We learn from models that tell their stories, by recognizing patterns, by motivation and fun.

With this knowledge and to the best of our knowledge, we have chosen our trainers.
Because they are the ones who shape the success of a training with the support of a motivated team.

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