of the Training Base

These scenarios

can be realistically traint on our premises:

  • Deployment with traffic accidents, chain collisions or industrial accidents with hazardous materials.
  • Evacuation, Handling and registration of injured victims
  • National and international Deployment tactics
  • Dissaster scenarios such as collapsed buildings as result of earthquakes, gas explosions or terrorism attacks.
  • Locating entrapped victims by K9 or search equipment
  • High Altitude rescue deployment
  • Humanitarian Aid and Ethical behaviour in other countries
  • Press spokesman Training; how to communicate with political and civil servants abroad

Education and training

for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

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In the aftermath of yesterday’s earthquake, 20km NNW Düsseldorf, the eastern province of K-Land, was heavily hit. The cities of Düsseldorf and Krefeld were destroyed by 50% after the first air reconnaissance. Communication is only possible sporadically and critical infrastructure such as water supply and sewerage has been destroyed.
The bridges across the Meuse seem to be destroyed after air reconnaissance, but no confirmation could be given from the ground. Despite the higher functionality of the airport Einhoven is the only access via the bridge in Gennep.

The harbor in Duesseldorf was severely damaged, as were the streets in the south of Xanten. According to an initial assessment, the Weeze region and the Kleve district show a destruction of about 30%. As the only open road connection is through this area and the only operational airport to the left of the Meuse is here, homeless people and refugees have begun to migrate to Weeze, assuming that assistance and support will be focussed here.

Initial reports indicate that these people have selected the former parking lot of the airport to wait for support, the destroyed regional hospital is nearby. The absence of high buildings creates a certain feeling among the refugees, as occasional aftershocks are still noticeable. The flights with humanitarian aid reach Weeze, but can only be severely restricted due to the lack of fuel, transport facilities, communication and handling capacity at the airport. Some flights have been diverted to Eindhoven and Antwerp, both alternative airports are overfilled.

First requirements
The first actions need to focus on SAR (search and rescue), medical care, the recovery of corpses and the provision of accommodation. There is also a need for treatment tablets for water, food and high-energy biscuits. Suitable centers for the distribution of these goods must be identified.

Critical infrastructure
The communication is severely disrupted and the teams have to rely on their own equipment as well as their energy sources. Communication via satellite and Internet functions occasionally, permanent access is not possible. The power station in Weeze is currently not functioning, detailed inspection is necessary.

Application scenario (subscriber)
In the neighboring district, a bomb is placed in a residential area near the airport to detonate several bombs placed in passenger cars. Various units of the police, the fire brigade and the rescue service have already exploded as a further bomb on the edge of the area of ​​operation. All resources are already bound in the other 5 application sections. From the circle XY, therefore, the application units XY02, XY04, KAB and the IUK DRK XY are alerted. The two SEG rescue services and ÜMANVS components from the circle XY are already in use in the other application sections. The location in the assigned deployment section is classified as safe by the police, as suspect vehicles have been committed with explosive target dogs.

Use information (trainers)
The advancing operational forces are informed of the availability space for the assigned application section via radio. Since all units have been fully tied up at other sites, no rescue service has yet been able to operate in the assigned operational section. Only one GWSan of the SEG XY was moved into the application section with 6 forces. The GF of the GWSan acts as a commissioner orgl. The emergency physician acts as a temporary LNA. The point of the installation is that an automobile is detonated in front of a supermarket. A total of 60 people are affected. The situation is very confusing, some people are seriously injured. During the execution of the operation, the total deployment line informs that additional persons must be cared for 60 persons (thus total 120) from the other application sections.

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PhilosophyPractical and realistic education for effective, efficient and above all safe use!

The world is developing at a rapid pace every year. Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, global crises and multicultural societies have an impact on our daily lives. This change will also change the risks and demands on the forces deployed by police and non-police security. For emergency helpers the challenge is to permanently adapt their knowledge, to actively practice and to train. We are committed to helping all emergency and rescue organizations meet this challenge.

We help helpers!

We provide our customers with several years of experience and training experience with the Weeze Training Base team. Certified trainers, all of whom were active personnel from active fire service, were prepared for your task and qualified as a trainer. We do not have any universal solutions because there are no standard problems in the application. However, we show ways of analyzing how problems can be analyzed and managed according to their own requirements and current situation.

In a step-by-step approach, we develop tailor-made training courses for you to pick up the participants where they are. The training principle applies from easy to severe, taking into account the psychological fundamentals of human learning.

Training and further education may – no, should be fun, because positive experiences are much more anchored in our memory than failure. We learn from models that tell their stories, by recognizing patterns, by motivation and fun.

With this knowledge and to the best of our knowledge, we have chosen our trainers.
Because they are the ones who shape the success of a training with the support of a motivated team.

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